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An example of mixing nutrients,So TDS stays equal in each plant and you can fine tune your feedings!

Feeding your cannabis is the second most important thing your cannabis needs to grow healthy, throughout both Veg, and flower! Make sure your doing it right, make yourself a week by week feeding chart! Always know how much, [nutrients/boosters/root enhancer]….ect, your feeding each plant every feed. CHECK YOUR PH EVERYTIME BEFORE YOU FEED!! [ 5.8 – 6.2 in hydro/coco ] , [ 6.2 – 6.8 in soil ].
Use measuring tools, to be accurate, this will KEEP YOUR TDS/EC levels the same throughout your plants! Have a tank, garbage can, tote, ect….
To keep your water in! You can use tap water! Just always after filling or adding water to your tote, allow it to sit for 48hrs, to let any chlorine gas out of the water!
Also use an air pump and air stone to help add oxygen, and keep the water from gettig stagnent!
One other thing you can do to save nutrients and money, is take one of your plants and a bucket, in this example, we will use an ice cream bucket.
You will want to let the plant dry out to the point that you would normally
Water it!
At this point you will fill up your ice cream bucket, [ in Canada ice cream bucket hold 4 litres of water ], with water from your tote. Then your going to keep track of how many buckets it takes water your plant!?
To properly water Cannabis you need the water to saturate the meduim
Your growing in, then allow about 10 – 20% of the water to run out of the pots your growing in! Do that everytime you water or feed that way you never get a huge build up of salts in the bottom of you pot!

After you have figured out how much water your plant needs for a full
Watering. Then look at your feed chart to see how many MLS per litre of your nutrients and additives you need to add to the water in your ice cream bucket that you have now measured out, and now, that will be the exact amont of what you feed each one of your plants, on your feeding days!

[ I only need about one ice cream bucket to have 10 – 20% drain off when I feed! ]

Now the reason I say feeding each plant this way is going to save you
Money is, your only going to use the exact amount of water you now know and the amount of nutrients, [ MLS per LITRE of water ], your plants need according to the week of growth your on. From looking at the feeding chart you have made, found looking online at the manufacturers site, or gotten from the grow store where you bought your nutrients from. As opposed to adding your nutrients to your big tote full of X amount of water, in most cases, depending on the size of your water resevoir, [ Much more water than your ever going to use in a feeding, but you need to have this extra water standing by in case you over fertilize or get a salt build up and have to flush!? You cant just use your tap water its not PH’d and most cities water is has chlorine so youde be stuck waiting 48 hrs to gas off or have to buy de chlorination pucks! ] the water that is left over you will have to throw out afterward. So you are not left with X amount of litres full of nutrients left in your tank, and stuck having to figure the leftovers into your next feeding! Or end up having to measure out to put aside till next feeding in another container! Before refillling for the next watering in between feedings!

Oh….and one more tip, get yourself some trays to put under your pots to catch the run off from either watering or feeding your babies!

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