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Day 85 – How to mix cannabis nutrients! – From Seed to Harvest – Autoflower – Advanced Nutrients

Day 85
Temp : 25C
RH : 55
Light : 100% @ 30cm for 18h (average of 35.000 LUX)
Water : 2500ml once
EC : 0.8

Today we are feeding still at 0.8ec. Im feeding 0.4EC of calmag, and add my base nutes untill I reach 0.8EC

Nutrient solution
Sensi Coco Bloom A : 2ml/L
Sensi Coco Bloom B : 2ml/L
B-52 : 2ml/L
Overdrive : 1ml/L


Checkout my growdiary @ https://growdiaries.com/diaries/57651-royal-queen-seeds-northern-light-automatic-grow-journal-by-npkalltheway


From Seed to Harvest – Autoflower – Full Daily Grow Diary
In this series I will try to show u a daily update on my autoflower grow! Every day will be a quick update on what has happened in the garden, how I feed my plants, what light cycle I use and all other stuff. Subscribe and I will update u daily! Happy growing 🙂


Equipment I use :
Tent : Green Qube (1,2 x 2,4 x 2,2m)
Lights : Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro Led (2 times)
Containers : Air-Pots (9 liter)
Medium : Atami Coco Coir & Plagron Perlite (70/30 Mix)
Humidifier : Ram Ultrasonic Humidifier 13L
Outtake fan : Prima Klima PK125 EC-TC 680m3 Vent
Intake fan : Ram Mixed-Flow Inline Fan 516m3
Controller : CliMate Total Controller
Carbon Filter : Phresh 1000m3 filter
Fans : Ram Oscilating Multi Fan (3 times)
Meters : Bluelab Ph pen & Conductivity pen
Reverse Osmosis : 190L/day
Hygrometer : SensorPush
Airco : Fuave ACB07K01
Dehumidifier : Eurom DryBest 30 WiFi


Disclaimer :
This channel was created for educational & documentary puposes. We do not condone illegal activity or endorse the selling of cannabis. If you are not 21+ of age please do not watch this video!


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If you want to get in touch with me, you can contact me on mr.npkalltheway@gmail.com

My Instagram : @npkalltheway

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