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Green Planet Nutrients Owner Justin Speaks to Cannabis in Canada


In this video, Jason Wilcox interviews the owner of Green Planet Nutrients while taking a tour of their home base location in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Jason looks around the inside of the store while Justin talks about the quality of nutrients and components that Green Planet Nutrients (http://www.mygreenplanet.com) and Pacific Northwest Garden Supply (http://pnwgardensupply.com) offer for legal medical marijuana growers and growers alike.

Green Planet Nutrients was the first and one of the only nutrient lines to step out from behind the “tomato plants” and started helping legal growers like Jason. Jason was first sponsored some 4 1/2 years by Green Planet, long before anyone was talking legalization of gardens as we see in Colorado.

Green Planet Nutrients is also the only Nutrient Company to date that put their money in to help back the MMAR Coalition Against Repeal www.mmarcoalitionagainstrepeal.com.

To date, Green Planet Nutrients is our second largest cash endorsement with Dana Larsen leading the way at $12,000!

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