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How I Mix Advanced Nutrients Bloom Stage

Here in this video, I show you how I mix Advanced Nutrients for the bloom stage. Using Advanced nutrients is a great way to get started growing, it simple and easy to use. Here you can follow how I use the mixture for my home grow. This is perfect for learning how to grow weed.

My Measurements per 900ML:
Veg – Grow 1.5ML
Bloom 1ML
Micro 1.5ML
Bloom- Grow 1ML
Bloom 1.5ML
Micro 1.5ML

My name is Scott and I’m a Cannabis grower from Canada. On this channel, I show you how to have you’re own perpetual grow at home and how Marijuana horticulture can save you money with the odd explainer video. After the Marijuana legalization, I had to jump on the new home grow rules.

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