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How to Feed Cannabis Plants – Mixing Fox Farms Nutrients Fast & Easy

This video is intended for ADULTS, please viewers 18+ ONLY!

In this video I’m giving you guys a quick tutorial on how to mix nutrients to feed cannabis plants.

– pH meter
– TDS/EC/PPM meter (testing parts per million)
– Nutrient line of your choice such as Fox Farms or General Hydroponics
– Filtered water Preferably
– pH up/down depending on your water

I use fox farm nutrients, growing in fox farms ocean forest soil. You can feed your plants in the first few weeks of life if you prefer, especially with Fox Farms Big Bloom, which can be used on seedlings all the way through the complete lifespan of your plant. I personally do not feed seedlings or adolescent plants for the first 2-3 weeks of their life as I allow them to use up what nutrients the soil already has, but many things in growing like this are up to personal preference!

Please remember, although I have experience growing, I am no 100% expert, I’m just trying to show how I myself do things, and what has worked for me! Everyone should do their own research before doing what I do to my plants.

It is legal to possess, use, and home-grow marijuana for Massachusetts residents over the age of 21. (2016)

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