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How To Grow Naturally the Easy Way [Without Mixing Nutrients]

To learn more about our Earth Dust nutrients, click here: http://bit.ly/earth-dust

Earth Dust is our All-Natural Dry Amendment, allowing you to grow the easy way without mixing bottles and nutrients.

Earth Dust is our all-natural plant nutrient that makes it easy to grow by “just adding water” to your soil for the entire growth cycle.

It feeds the microbes in your soil and keeps your plants thriving from seedling all the way through flower. 

Earth Dust represents an organic dry amendment method of gardening.  It gives the soil what it needs to support your plants through every stage of growth.

Because you only need to water your soil with Earth Dust, you can concentrate on caring for your plants and getting a healthy crop “on autopilot”.

Now you can grow without spending hours of your life mixing nutrients, and you can do it naturally.

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