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How to Mix Fox Farms Nutrients

Mixing fox farms, Big Bloom (micronutrient) 6tsp, and grow big (nitrogen) 3tsp, Micro-Brew (for healthy root growth) 1/2tsp. I also use cal/mag (because I use R/O water) 1tsp, seaweed extract (for green healthy leaves) 1tsp. To Ph the mix I use baking soda (don’t waste your money in “Ph solutions”, baking soda is the best thing you can use trust me, easy peasy to make.) I use a 500ml water bottle almost to the top (R/O water, bottle water is fine) and 2tbsp baking soda. You can make any mix ratio you feel just remain consistent always. If you need Ph down use water and vinegar (same ratio as Ph up mix). I got the Ph tester off amazon for like $5.00 works good, but clean after every use with R/O or distilled water (bottle water is fine). You want your Ph to be at/between 6.3 & 6.8. Hope it helps, Like and Subscribe!! Cheers!

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