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How To Use Reefertilizer Grow Cannabis Fertilizer

Reefertilizer Grow cannabis nutrients contain a full NPK range along with many crucial micronutrients that help sustain vigorous plant growth.
NPK stands for the elements Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). These are the three major building blocks that facilitate plant growth. Without these essential nutrients, plants won’t grow as fast or as large.
Our nutrients are formulated specifically for cannabis. Designed to work with all possible strains and grow setups (soil or hydroponic). Working to give your plants what they crave, you’ll witness impressive results.

One bag contains enough nutrients for 2-3 grows of 4 plants each.
This powdered cannabis fertilizer is highly concentrated, and one bag is the equivalent of 2 or more bottles of liquid fertilizer.
Grow GOOD weed while using less packaging and wasting less water.

For more information please visit www.reefertilizer.com


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