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How, Why, How much, What Cannabis NUTRIENTS do you need? EVERYTHING about it.

In this new micro grow autoflower Cannabis grow video I will show you all the nutrients that I use and I will categorize them and I will tell you everything about those specific nutrients.

When growing Cannabis or weed you need specific nutrients for the growing stage and the flowering stage. It is not possible to go for a 100% natural solution. I also thought that it would be possible but when the plant doesn’t get any nutrients, the plant will have a nutrient deficiency. Leaves will fall off, the nice deep green color will become yellow and you will see strange dark spots. Those are the signs of a nutrient deficiency.

WHen you give the Cannabis plant too many nutrients on the other hand: you will get nutrient burn. The end of the leaves will turn light and then yellow and then brown and it will not recover from that. by that, i mean the yellowing. It doesn’t get green again.

I will review the complete line of Plagron.that is the brand that I personally use since the beginning that I started growing my own weed. I also have the brand Seesogreen and that is a grow nutrient in powder form.

I will also show the complete Vertafort cannabis nutrient products, These are organic raw nutrients that you mix trough the soil so you don’t need extra nutrients, This is a very good option when you don’t want to have nutrient problems. You don’t even need a PH meter when using these nutrients.

Nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K) and are the three main nutrients your marijuana need and are expressed as the N-P-K fertilizer ratio on your nutrient package or bottle. An N-P-K formula such as 15-30-15 means that the ingredients are 15% nitrogen (N), 30% phosphorous (P), 15% potassium (K) and 40% inert ingredients.

Marijuana requires a higher nitrogen ratio during the vegging and early flowering stage (Part 1 or Part A) as it is the main component for growth. During flowering (Part 2 or Part B) we really want a lower nitrogen and higher phosphorous NPK fertilizer ratio.

Even given the exact same NPK ratio are all formulations the same? No, because the NPK elements are bound up in molecular compounds with differing degrees of bio-availability. Presentations may be as inorganic salts, oxides, chelated or colloidal minerals. Translation: your cannabis can use some compounds easier than others.

Rather than being overwhelmed with so many choices and conflicting data, we recommend you check out a grow journal that you admire or a friends grow that impresses you and mimic what they are doing.

Use a basic NPK ratio formula to see what kind of result you can achieve. Only then should you try a specialty product or try switching manufacturers. Remember that there are no magical, miracle products that will make your plants ‘explode’ and ‘drip with resins’. We personally have witnessed more sorry-looking and damaged marijuana from eager growers throwing every formulation into their garden trying for super plants, and have rarely seen slightly under-fertilized plants suffering from a similar fate.





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