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“Limit Costs by Eliminating Liquid Based Macros” Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 3: Nutrients

📢Each Monday-Friday over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing our educational video content free to our YouTube audience! For the full experience, come on over to Growers Network and enroll! https://growersnetwork.org/courses/pr…

🌻Want to check out some nutrients?
🎈Today Cameron talks about the different types of nutrients your plants will need. Watch and learn how to feed your plants!📖
😎Course instructor Cameron Bravmann has over three decades of professional cannabis experience. He is the former director of cultivation for General Cannabis and is the CEO of Green Belt Strategies, a cannabis consulting firm that has helped people all over the world make their dreams of professional cultivation a reality.
📢Join Cameron as he teaches you what you need to know to set up your own professional cultivation operation.
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