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Mixing cannabis nutrients – NPK Industries – Raw Solubles

Just showing off the purity of Raw Solubles from NPK Industries.

Check out my Instagram @ https://instagram.com/rowsofgreen420/

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This video is for educational purposes. I do not condone anything illegal or support any illegal growing.
I am from Canada where it is legal and also have a medical grow license.
Please check the laws where you live before growing. If you are under the legal age of 19 in Canada or 21 in the United States do not watch.

NPK Raw Solubles @ https://npkcanada.com

Wallace Wow Website (All Products) https://wallacewow.com/

Check out my Instagram @ https://instagram.com/rowsofgreen420/

Currently using:
Npk Raw soluble
Npk industries
Wallace Wow mycorrhizae
Remo nutrients
Bat guano compost tea
Hlg led
Greenhouse seeds
Green label seeds
Humboldt seeds
Blimburn seeds
Dutch Passion seeds
Sweet seeds
Blue lab ph pen
Ph up
Ph down
Coco coir
Earth worm castings
Compost tea
Plastic pot
Fabric pots
Pro mix hp
Garden wire
Twist ties
Bubble hash wash machine
Bubble bags

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