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Outdoor Home Grow Ep 3 – Transition Your Cannabis Plants To Flowering

In this video, we’ll be talking about the period of growth when your cannabis plants transition to flowering. We’ll also chat about what to look for so you can gauge what week of flowering you’re in, the basic changes in feeding from vegetative to flowering, when to do some final pruning and low stress training, how to maximize sun angle and signs of heat stress and over and under watering.

Welcome to the BlueSky organics OUTDOOR growing series.

In these 5 videos, we’ll cover seed selection for outdoor growing, photoperiod vs auto flower growing, site preparation, the different stages of plant growth, the importance of monitoring weather and how it can affect your plants, how to avoid pests and mould, when and how to harvest your outdoor plants and how to dry and cure your buds. After watching these videos you’ll be able to grow outdoors just like a pro.

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