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136: Miguel Blacutt – Muscle Damage, Glucose Disposal Agents & CBD-Oil

This time, Miguel is covering things on his article about Muscle Damage and Hypertrophy. Furthermore, he delves into the topic around GDA’s and CBD-Oil.


02:44 Miguel talks about what he’s been up to
07:18 Miguel touches on a recent article about muscle damage
10:57 Miguel speaks about the main driver of hypertrophy
12:05 Miguel continuous speaking about things that lead to muscle damage
20:42 Miguel gives insight on BFR and muscle damage
23:04 Miguel talks about practical tips
28:26 Miguel adds other thoughts on the practical applications
30:30 Miguel begins with the topic on CBD-Oil
34:24 Miguel answers the question about human data for CBD oil
36:44 Different forms of CBD products
41:06 Miguel’s take on myths and fads. (Thanksgiving and holiday relaxation)
51:04 Miguel ends with talking about GDA’s

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