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High Throughput Analysis of Cannabinoids in CBD Oil by LC UV

Potency testing is one of the critical workflows for the chemical analysis of cannabis. In order for this analysis to be most effective, we need to prepare our samples carefully, including a filtration step, and then analyze via liquid chromatography with a UV detector. We’ll walk through the steps of this important analysis with some commercially available CBD oils.



Poster - http://www.restek.com/pdfs/Analysisof16CannabinoidsPoster.pdf

Featured App - http://www.restek.com/Technical-Resources/Technical-Library/Foods-Flavors-Fragrances/fs_FFSS2851-UNV



Raptor ARC-18 LC Columns https://www.restek.com/catalog/view/41315

Thomson SINGLE StEP Filter Vials https://www.restek.com/catalog/view/11256


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