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How to Take CBD Oil for skin Topical vs Oral

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How to take CBD OIL for skin Topical vs Oral:
CBD can used to treat acne, inflammation, pain, swelling, psoriasis, ezcema and other skin conditions.
CBD is lipophilic (oil loving) so it works well with oil based skin care and hair care. **However, those of you with acne that are very break out prone and produce a lot of oil, may want to consider a water soluble form of CBD .

Time Stamps:
How CBD works in the body to help you better understand what may be a better choice for you:

***Remember: it is always best to consult your personal doctor before taking CBD supplements orally, especially when taking other medications or have other underlying medical conditions that could be contraindicated.

PROS and CONS of taking CBD Orally

If you are considering introducing topical CBD products:

Milligrams in OTC products:
Milligrams in Clinical Skin Care products:

CBD BEAUTY PLAYLIST:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9t5sg-wdUL1k4S_-9tUaZFmYTAkYDfcs

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