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Led vs Hps Growlights in 2020

Optic LED Grow Lights Stores

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Using Best Tech In The Industry
–  Samsung LM301H Horticulture Series LEDs at 3.0 umols/j
– USA Made CREE XPE Deep Red 660nm + Royal Blue  460nm
– CREE Xlamp CXB3590mounted with
 Solderless COB Holders and protected under our biggest ever 120-degree lenses.
– Commercial Grade Meanwell Dimmable Drivers
– Dimmers on lights
– Master Controller with Sunrise / Sunset Feature. External Timer needed to turn the light on and off.

Warranties – 10 Years full warranty on most lights – Lifetime warranty on Meanwell Driver

Shipping – Free and Fast shipping internationally

 Optic LED Grow Lights was formed by experienced growers who traditionally utilized High Intensity Discharge lighting and achieved spectacular results with it bringing in Top shelf quality Harvests year after year.  


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