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Micro grow lights GUIDE: e27 Grow light bulb CFL and LED

In this video, i will tell You everything about e27 LED and CFL grow lights. When you are growing in a small place or room or space, you cannot use a big LED grow system.

A UFO LED is smaller and can be used in small grow boxes but for example in a PC grow a UFO LED is still way to big. That’s why e27 grow bulbs are a good option. You can buy them in different wattages from 5 to 40 watt.

I will also tell everything about CFL bulbs. They can also be used for micro grow autoflower grow or non autoflower grow. You can literally buy them everywhere and they do a great job and are very easy to use.

Also, i will show you a method how to let LEDs shine wider so you won’t get light burn. You can do this by removing the lens. This way you can let the LED hang much closer to the plant. This way you can get a bigger harvest very easily!!!!!!!!

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