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Super Bright LED Grow Lights Replace High Watt HPS -Best Value: Spider Farmer Dimmable SF4000 Review

High powered LED grow lights push the limits in both efficiency & overall brightness. This newly revised panel is strong enough to easily outperform 600W DE HPS systems, while consuming only 2/3 the power! When compared to a brand name Quantum Board*, Spider Farmer’s grow lights generate more PAR photons (PPF) per dollar spent. A much better value without sacrificing on performance. In this unpaid product review, I measured light levels from my Spider Farmer SF4000 LED plant grow light. These lights were sent at no cost, to take objective PAR readings & demonstrate the new dimmer function!

00:00 – Overview
02:27 – Estimating Tent Size
05:50 – PPFD Maps
06:32 – Center Readings?
08:32 – Dimming Feature
10:09 – LED Scammers
11:22 – Integrating Sphere
12:17 – Final Words

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Spider Farmer SF1000:
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► https://amzn.to/320wZss (Amazon CA)

Spider Farmer SF2000:
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Spider Farmer SF4000:
► https://amzn.to/2uAFz5z (Amazon US / UK / DE)
► https://amzn.to/3aRJaNA (Amazon CA)

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My PPFD Meter (Apogee Instruments):
► https://amzn.to/3ebJiHZ


• Diodes: SAMSUNG LED LM301B
• Spectrum: 3000K, 5000K, 660-665nm, 760nm (Far-Red)
• Driver: MEAN WELL XLG-240-H-AB
• Power Draw: 457 Watts
• PAR (PPF): 1217 umol/s
• Efficacy: 2.7 umol/J
• Coverage: 5-6 ft x 5-6 ft Veg / 4-5 ft x 4-5 ft Bloom
• Distance: 18″ – 30″ from Plant Canopy
• Dimming Knob: 58W – MAX (w/ Daisy Chain Controls)


SF4000 review:

APPLICATION: At 457W of power, this LED can replace a quality 600W HPS system (double-ended bulb in digital ballast). A suitable choice for indoor agricultural production. These units can also be used in individual tents for stealth grows. Excellent for traditional 12hr flowering crops but also day-neutral (autoflower) crops grown in sea of green applications. The light is great at ambient CO2 levels but also suited for high ppm CO2 usages. It can supply plenty of photons to allow you to achieve high yields. Just be sure you select the right tent size.

COVERAGE AREA: Spider Farmer recommends a veg area of 6×6 & flower of 5×5. The light will work in those tent sizes, but will perform even better at a veg of 5×5 & flower of 4×4. The resulting PPF per square foot would be optimal over that tighter area. But you need to dial things in correctly. That means getting all of those nine cardinal parameters right: Light, CO2, Wind, Humidity, Temperature, Nutrients, Water, Oxygen & Root-zone Temperature. Just be sure to select the proper hanging height!

TOO BRIGHT??? As noted in the video, some lighting companies are focusing their attention on having the highest PPFD values for their center readings. At a certain point, those readings can be TOO high, resulting in poor plant response. Although plant yield tends to increase as PPFD level rise, the relationship is not linear. At a certain point, you are simply wasting energy, bombarding plant tissues with more photons than they can use.

Also, if the center PPFD readings are excessively high, this should not be viewed as a ‘selling point.’ This simply indicates that the grow light is too close & needs raised higher. The result will be more reasonable PPFD levels that spread more evenly across the entire plant canopy. The SF4000 is so bright, you simply need to raise it a little higher than other lights. I would say that the absolute minimum is 18″.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I do highly recommend the SF4000. The added dimming function increases its flexibility. It can easily replace an HPS system & it is a better value that other branded LED lights. Compared to buying two SF2000s, a single SF4000 generates MORE light at a reduced cost. But at full power, it’s tremendously bright! So place it at the right height & cover the proper area for your application.

* NOTE: This light is NOT a “Quantum Board”. Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) has registered that term as a trademark. Don’t confuse Spider Farmer’s panels with actual “Quantum Boards” as they are in NO way affiliated! Alternate terms that could be used instead include: quantum LEDs, quantum styled panels or QBs. Generally, these have a large quantity of LEDs, spread out over a large area, in contrast with point sources like COBs.

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