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The best grow light 2018 – HID CFL & LED compared

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We show you the best and worst grow lights available on the market today. Each light has been tested in reflective grow environment and up to 64 PAR measurements (PPFD) taken across the target grow area.

Top grow light charts:
Make/Model Efficiency (PPFD/Watt)
Fluence Spydrx 2.17
Optic 1 2.04
MIGRO system 2
HLG QB120 4K 1.92
Sanlight S4W 1.81
Magnus RA 350 1.74
Nextlight Mega 1.6
Budmaster II GOD 6 1.52
California Lightworks Solarsystem 550 1.5
G-Tools, G-leds 280 1.5
Gavitta 1000W DE 400V Pro 1.39
Spectrum King MLH 100W 1.34
Lumatek HPS 600W Dominator XXXL 1.3
Mars Reflector 48 1.3
Omega Ceramic Metal Halide 315 1.29
Ikea grow light 1.25
Optic 2 1.23
Spectrum King 400+ 1.21
Lumatek HPS 600W Medium Adjust-a-wing 1.2
Kind K5 XL750 1.17
Lumatek HPS 150 1.1
Mars 300 1.02
Viparspectra V300 0.98
Lumatek Metal Halide 600W 0.93
Lush Dominator 2X 0.9
Lumii T5 0.74
Elektrox 250W CFL with small reflector 0.6

Test procedure:
All lights tested at manufacturers recommended hanging height or to limit the centre hot spot to 1,100 PPFD
All lighs tested with reflective walls
PPFD measurements taken in every 150cm x 150cm square and averaged across the grow area
Quantum Sensor: Apogee SQ500

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