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Winter Veggies Pt. 1 | DIY Grow Tent & Grow Lights

Winter on the prairies is no place for fresh veg. But we’re starting a journey to see if we can grow some tasty plants indoors while the ice is firmly in place. In part 1 we’ll be setting up a budget grow tent and building some cheap grow lights for our experiment. In part 2 we’ll be planting our seedlings out and making use of the Kratky Method of Hydroponics to grow our winter veg.

Project Supplies:
Grow Tent 60”W x 30”D x 36”H
3 – 2x2x8s
3 – 1x2x8s
Assorted #8 screws 1-3” in length
5/32” drill bit for pilot holes
2 mylar emergency blankets

Grow Lights
2 Styrofoam coolers
2 power bars
4 light socket plugs
4 6500k 13w CFL bulbs
2 2700k 9.5w LED bulbs

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