Cannabis communicates nutrient needs! Huge Secret to DWC success!

Spread the love I discuss how to communicate nutrient needs with cannabis plants through parts per million readings, why a chiller is necessary in Deep water culture and where I keep my PH. I use the terms TDS and PPM a little freely, they are the same thing. (Total Dissolved Solids, Parts Per Million) Here are some …

Fluence LED Grow Lights Illuminate Mother Magnolia Medicinals

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Mother Magnolia Medicinals, Inc. is a Tier 1 OLCC licensed producer of craft cannabis located outside of Eugene, Oregon. They began producing cannabis is 2016 after the enactment of Measure 91 under the direction of Tom Scoble. The facility currently operates a propagation room, a veg room and three bloom rooms all under Fluence SPYDR, …

Cheap cannabis nutrients for veg and flower

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Just a quick video, be sure to check out my others šŸ™‚ Gaz the other UK grower : Baby bio for Veg : Advanced tomato feed :


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#GardenHacks #WinterSowing #SeedStarting Sorry for the audio issues, I’m working to fix the problem. Thanks. Thanks for visiting the Freshcutky organic gardening channel. This channel focuses on my journey, as I work to build my own cut flower farm. In the garden, I will answer some of the most common “gardening for beginners” type questions …

CBD Oil Update.

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After answering a recent comment I realised Iā€™d not updated anybody with my results from taking CBD Oil.