Plantation Products KLIGHT Ferry Morse Light for Seedling & Cuttings, Silver
Jiffy fluorescent plant lamp – Hydro grow light. Maximizes indoor germination success. Twice as efficient as ordinary grow lights. Ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flower, vegetables, herbs, greens, & more. Simple to use & easy to assemble. Includes (1) 2 foot light fixture, (1) T5 high output full daylight spectrum bulb, & 1 light stand. Etl listed. – color: Silver, power rating: 48W, length: 2′., Pkg qty: 1, package type: boxGreat for seedlings, cuttings, flowers, vegetables, herbs, greens and more
Maximizes your indoor germination success
Obtain faster growth W/ high output T5 full daylight spectrum bulb
Premium etl-listed T5 fixture is twice as efficient as ordinary grow lights
20% more light intensity than comparable fluorescent grow lights


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