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DIY Cannabis-Infused Candy & Desserts: Recipes From Around

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DIY Cannabis-Infused Candy & Desserts: Recipes From Around the World

Easy to Follow Recipe Guide for THC infused Candy, Ice-cream, Muffins, Cookies, Brownies & So Much More!

We all know that there are places where We will be able to’t just “light one up.” But more importantly, what about that sweet craving we all get every so often? What if We will be able to combine the two? Yes!! We will be able to, and we did!

I have been researching (in truth playing) with more than a few extraction methods to get the purest form of CBD and THC and the usage of them to make more than a few sweets, candies, and other yummy stuff.

I must admit that I am fascinated by the sheer possibilities. They are in point of fact endless! In this book, I just wanted to get your heart, mind and taste buds to divulge heart’s contents to the sweet ideas of Cannabis infused candies and other sweet yummy stuff. So you’ll be able to give my ideas a try and enjoy your new hobby.

I guarantee you are going to love what you make. Take my word for it, just follow the simple methods I outlined to extract the good stuff, then follow the recipes to make one of the most satisfying yummy candies, cookies, brownies, ice cream and so much more.

In This Book, I Show You

  • Types of Cannabis to use
  • What are THC and CBD
  • How to extract THC
  • Complete Extraction methods
  • How to calculate a THC dose for recipes
  • Tips & Tricks for cooking with cannabis

How to Make:

  • Cannabis Butter
  • Cannabis oil
  • Cannabis Flour
  • Cannabis Corn Syrup

The Recipes I Shared in This Book:

  • French Caribbean Flamed Cannabutter Bananas
  • High Ranchers
  • Cannabis Caramel
  • South African Cannabutter Milk Tart
  • Cannabis Cupcakes
  • Marijuana Gummy Bear
  • Cannabutter Chinese Almond Rounds
  • Ganja Popsicle
  • New England Cheddar-Apple Ganja Cookies
  • Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Weed Rice Krispy Treats
  • Pot de Crème Au Chocolate
  • Buddy Brazilian Brigadeiros
  • Marijuana Fudge
  • Weedy Sonoran Melcochas
  • No-Bake Chocolate Weed Cookies
  • Cannabis peanut Butter Balls
  • Cannabis-Infused German Coffee Cake
  • Cannabis Corn Syrup ANZAC Cookies
  • Yummy Red velvet cannabis-infused Brownies
  • Pun-Intended Baked Cannabis Pudding


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