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Cannabis growing: A complete and simple guide on growing (medical)

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on growing cannabis indoors. Cultivating your own cannabis at home is a great way to get constant supply, avoid high prices and avoid shady dealers. Also, you get to decide the strains to grow. The cannabis plant is a plant of many benefits, and also many different preparation of cannabis. The most commonly known preparation is marijuana. This consists of the plant’s flowers, subtending leaves and the stems of the female plant, which has been dried. Other common preparations include kief, hashish, tincture and hash oil. Not only are the foods grown healthier, a fresh herb garden will save you money. This book will show you: – -The several ways to start your cannabis from seed how to care for the plants in order to ensure the most yield. -Proven methods to vegetate and bud your female plants, while keeping them from going to seed. -And finally how to harvest, curb and store your harvested cannabis. TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction: Growing Your Cannabis Chapter 1: Things You Need -Nutritional Needs -Potting Needs -Lighting Needs -Housing Needs Chapter 2: Starting Your Cannabis Seeds -Choosing Between Cannabis Clones Or Seeds -Germinating Your Seeds Using Starter Plugs -Germinating Your Seeds Using Paper Towels Chapter 3: Growing Your Cannabis Plant Big And Strong (Vegetative Stage) -Temperature Needs -Watering Schedule -Feeding Schedule -Light Schedule -Optional Step -Training Your Cannabis Plant Chapter 4: Flowering Stage -The 12-12 Light Schedule -Know The Gender Of Your Plants -Rid Your Garden Of All Male Cannabis Plants Chapter 5: Harvesting And Curing -Harvesting -Curing


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