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FULL SPECTRUM LIGHTING – Boost the photosynthesis process of your indoor plant life with the appropriate full-spectrum UV IR light that all plants require in the natural sunlight. Speed up their development, help them bloom faster, have fruit and grow leaves naturally and evenly while saving energy.
AN ESSENTIAL INDOOR GROWING SYSTEM – Perfect for all your plants, including flowers, vegetables and herbs, such as orchid, papers potatoes, lettuce, chili, tomatoes, aquarium plants .This LED lamp will address all the necessary wavelength bands to support seeding, blooming and growing. Our LED light system does NOT include a reflector as that could lead to melting or fire accidents.
LONG LIFE SPAN & ENERGY SAVING – Offer your plants the bright, warm and natural light they need to thrive with a plant growing system that widely covers a 120-degree view angle and can easily replace the traditional 800Watt MH/HPS lamp that inflates your electricity bills. Veg Coverage of 4 x 3.8 ft at 16” and Bloom Coverage of 2.2 x 2 ft at 13″.


V VANDER LIFE 1500W Grow light

With our grow light , You Can easily Offer Your Plants The Bright, Natural Sunlight They Need…Indoors!
Facilitate proper photosynthesis during the dull winter period
Boost plant growth in your greenhouse, home, office or indoor garden
Ensure their growth in demanding seeding spring months
Safeguard your plants’ health from seeding to harvest
Create a beautiful, oxygen-promoting environment at home or the office
This is a smart hydroponic lighting system that will provide professional, natural and full-spectrum lighting to your orchids, tomatoes or any similar flowers, veggies or herbs, turning your home or workplace into a green oasis!

Why You Should Trust This One!
FULL SPECTRUM – Covers ALL light wavelengths with a uniform color that spreads evenly across all angles.
PREMIUM LED CHIP – Low power density which easily adapts to automation grow systems.
WEAR-RESISTANT DRIVER – Sealed inside an aluminum shell and featuring low temperatures and a long life. It’s also dustproof AND waterproof.
PREMIUM AIR FAN – Boasting a double-ball bearing design and a super-long life time.
WIDE COVERAGE – Veg Coverage of 4 x 3.8 ft at 16” and Bloom Coverage of 2.2 x 2 ft at 13″

Led grow light Specifications:
Power: 1500W
Life time: 30,000Hours
Dimension: 13.78”x8.27”x6.39″/ 350x210x60mm
Item weight:6.3 Pounds
LED Lights: 182 PCS FULL Spectrum LEDs/2 PCS UV LEDs/8PCS Green LEDs
IF you encounter ANY issue with your LED Grow Lights, you can always get in touch with us and we promise to make it right.
Just Scroll Up, Click ‘Add To Cart’ And Grow Your Own Indoor Plants…RISK-FREE!

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