AmHydro Dark Energy Bio-blend Plant Nutrient Price: $71.77 (as of 16/01/2022 06:16 PST- Details)

NPK: 2-0-0
Made in Humboldt County
Over 30 Years in the Making!



NPK: 2-0-0 Highly concentrated bio-blend of nutrients for enhancing all the life cycle of any plant. Cannabis growers secret ingredient for a few years. To be used with soil and hydroponic systems. Incorporates L-amino acids extracted from natural sources by means of enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. These amino acids might compliment a well balanced nutrient program throughout every stage of the plant until maturity. Use in combination with the remainder of AmHydro’s EPIC line for optimal results. Usage: Follow instructions on packaging, refer to downloadable feed chart, or call us. Downloads AmHydro Epic Feed Chart
NPK: 2-0-0
Made in Humboldt County
Over 30 Years within the Making!

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